When is a good time to have a new headshot? Some will say when they are thinking about changing jobs. Thinking this way means that you may be missing out on new opportunities that are knocking on your door. Chances are that they (the head hunters) are looking at your online profile all the time.

So first impression is matters because when someone lands on a good looking headshot in a profile, they might want to find out more about you and continue to look at your profile.

Studies have shown that your professional headshot matters more when it comes to first impression.

People will see you as an interesting person by how proud you are of yourself and how good you look both offline and online. Now there is no reason to think about when you should have a new headshot. This month of August Lightbent Images & Photography is offering both of its sought after cinematic and stylised headshots at a very attractive discounted prices.

Make that investment in your career and future opportunities.

Needless to say that you are always looking your best offline, so why not look your best online all of the time.

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