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Do you think you’re not photogenic?

I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

I’ve yet to meet a person that cannot be photographed well and walk away - not only happy with the final product - but also on a natural high from their photo shoot experience.

What’s my secret?

It’s all about you.

I could tell you about how experienced I am having held over one thousand headshot sessions, boast about the state-of-the-art equipment I use and my well-honed image manipulation (“Photoshopping”) skills, but to be honest, all of that accounts for less than ten percent of the outcome.

The difference when we work together is that you will be coached through the session, made to feel comfortable in front of the camera, laugh at yourself and at me. All of which combines to produce natural images of the real you – looking approachable, confident and professional.

Your satisfaction guaranteed.

Bruno Kongawoin.

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