I am a professional headshot and portrait photographer based in Perth, Western Australia.

My name is Bruno, the face behind Lightbent Images & Photography. I am African born and I spent my early teenage years into early adulthood in Houston (Texas – USA) where I went to high school and college (university) before migrating to Australia in 1990. I am a Perth based Photographer Headshot and Portrait Specialist. I am Australia’s first Associate of Peter Hurley, the world renowned Headshot Photographer from New York and a Mentor of his Headshot Crew Team which is team comprised of 13,000+ headshot and portrait photographers from around the world and growing.

My photography always revolves around the human face even while photographing events. It was in 2008 while living in Jakarta Indonesia that my affinity to the beauty of the human face solidified on the streets and Kampungs of Jakarta and surroundings. I took this love of the human face with me to London in 2012 where I shot mostly fashion and portrait. Upon returning to Australia in late 2014, I purposefully concentrated my work on headshots and portraits. As a former Basketball Olympian from my country of birth (Central African Republic) and my years of excellence playing basketball in America in high school, college and professional level, I know what it takes to be the best at what I do. In order to be the best at what you do, you must compete and mingle with the best. This is where Peter Hurley comes in.

I joined Peter’s team of headshot and portrait photographers in early 2015. In June Peter reviewed my work and made me one of his handpicked Associates and the first in Australia.  Six months later, Peter asked me to be a Headshot Crew Mentor to help him mentor, teach, guide and assist the other Headshot Crew Members to improve and develop their skills. In the most humble way, I must say that the trust and confidence Peter has in me is your guarantee that my headshots are some of the best in the world and so will be yours after a session with me.

”Bruno’s talent took the Headshot Crew and Down Under by storm by becoming our first Associate photographer there. His work speaks for itself and he stepped up to the plate showing off not only his talent, but his ability to encourage others with their own work earning him Mentor status here at Headshot Crew. I couldn’t be happier to have him along for the ride, his thirst for taking SHABANG’in shots is contagious and he sure has this crew catching the bug.”
Peter Hurley
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