Actor Headshots – How Important It Is For You Getting Noticed?

A headshot as it stands a close up of your face, neck and a little bit of shoulder(s); your headshot is a synopsis of your whole being in one snapshot that is captivating enough to stop a casting director, producer, writer or a director going through 100s if not 1000s of actor portfolios to take a second look at your headshot look to see if you fit a role they have on offer.

Your headshot is as important as how your approach to your professional acting career. Your headshot is not the one you or your friend snapped with the IPhone. It is not the one your family and friends think you look good. It is not the one you think you look cool. It is not definitely the one you had taken at the Post Office or Passport Photo Service kiosk.

A good actor headshot that truly looks like you showing your personality and represents you the best is made by the use of good lighting which is the main ingredient in photography plus bringing your exuberant personality to the fore which is also an art in headshot photography. Photo means light and Graphos in Greek means to write or to draw. So a professional photographer specialising in headshots knows how to carve your face using light to show you at your best to the viewers you intend to captivate.

Time to rethink your headshot….


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