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Professional LinkedIn Headshots

Many people treat their LinkedIn profile as they treat their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes. Your passion about the football grand final last weekend may be a good post on Facebook or Twitter but it should not have anything to do with your LinkedIn if you are not a Sports Writer.

There is a great potential to turn off prospective employers and business contacts when you are posting personal activities, political or religion opinions for your updates. Of course everyone wants to be themselves but be your LinkedIn self – your professional self.

Actor Headshots – How Important It Is For You Getting Noticed?

A headshot as it stands a close up of your face, neck and a little bit of shoulder(s); your headshot is a synopsis of your whole being in one snapshot that is captivating enough to stop a casting director, producer, writer or a director going through 100s if not 1000s of actor portfolios to take a second look at your headshot look to see if you fit a role they have on offer.

Your headshot is as important as how your approach to your professional acting career. Your headshot is not the one you or your friend snapped with the IPhone. It is not the one your family and friends think you look good. It is not the one you think you look cool. It is not definitely the one you had taken at the Post Office or Passport Photo Service kiosk.

A good actor headshot that truly looks like you showing your personality and represents you the best is made by the use of good lighting which is the main ingredient in photography plus bringing your exuberant personality to the fore which is also an art in headshot photography. Photo means light and Graphos in Greek means to write or to draw. So a professional photographer specialising in headshots knows how to carve your face using light to show you at your best to the viewers you intend to captivate.

Time to rethink your headshot….


When is a good time to have a new headshot? Some will say when they are thinking about changing jobs. Thinking this way means that you may be missing out on new opportunities that are knocking on your door. Chances are that they (the head hunters) are looking at your online profile all the time.

So first impression is matters because when someone lands on a good looking headshot in a profile, they might want to find out more about you and continue to look at your profile.

Studies have shown that your professional headshot matters more when it comes to first impression.

People will see you as an interesting person by how proud you are of yourself and how good you look both offline and online. Now there is no reason to think about when you should have a new headshot. This month of August Lightbent Images & Photography is offering both of its sought after cinematic and stylised headshots at a very attractive discounted prices.

Make that investment in your career and future opportunities.

Needless to say that you are always looking your best offline, so why not look your best online all of the time.

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Perth – World Class Headshot At Your Doorstep

Lightbent Images & Photography is in a very special class when it comes to creating your headshot. Though I do portrait as well, my specialty is headshot. As the driving engine behind Lightbent, my specialised ability and artful way to bring your personality to the fore is no accident. Being the first Australian Associate Photographer  of NY based, world renown Headshot Photographer, Author, Speaker, Educator Peter HurleyThe Art Of Behind The Headshot – Illuminating The Face sets the quality of my work on a world stage.  

Also being a Mentor in the Headshot Crew which is Peter’s coaching platform which consists of over 15,000 headshot and portrait photographers from 134 countries, I help in the development of many photographers to hone their craft and skills for the opportunity to become one of handpicked associates of Peter.  

Peter commitments to excellence are infused in my work on a daily basis to give my clients the best headshot they had ever had. 

Does Your Headshot Show You As Confident and Approachable?

Most often I do get friend requests from people I don’t know. When looking at the thumbnail, if the photo looks good and attractive, I will click on it to see the big picture before contemplating accepting or rejecting the request. So if human being behaviours are the same all over, then most of us would be doing the same. Having a good professional headshot improves how good or bad people will see you.

The Out To Lunch Look 
This above image of my soon to be 5 year old son characterises most headshots as lacking personality, expression, connection or displaying eagerness with cheesy smile. This is what we are conditioned to in our headshot.

Confident, friendly and approachable
The image below of my son shows a rather chilled down individual who is connected to the viewers with his eyes, displaying his personality and an air of confidence, friendliness and approachability.

Being photogenic is not a birthright. it is a learned behaviour.

Is It A Headshot Or A Portrait?


Chances are that you think your portrait can be used as a headshot. However there is a big difference between a portrait and a headshot.

Your professional headshot is about capturing, representing and encapsulating your personality, expression and looks by showing only the shot of your head (Headshot) and enough of your shoulder just below the clavicles. Any information below your chin is of no value to the viewer.

Professor Gary Martin CEO of Australian Institute of Management WA


Your professional or environmental portrait tells more of a story. In the shots below of Professor Gary Martin, the portrait conveys to the viewer more about him. We can perhaps guess how tall it may be. We can ascertain his style by his posture and demeanour. Sometimes in a portrait, even by wearing the same clothes or outfits, having the same hairstyle, something like a dramatic lighting, expressive posture and poses will transform the image completely.

Professor Gary Martin CEO of Australian Institute of Management WA

What is the easy way to tell the difference?

Is the photo only showing only the upper part of the bust and is the person being themselves engaging the camera with their personality? Then most likely it is a headshot.

On the flip side, is the image is showing more between the head and waist line and more environment around the subject? Then you are most likely looking at a portrait.

You want that stylish professional headshot for your branding or a portrait to tell your story, I am just an email or a phone call away. Get in touch.

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