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4467350Most often I do get friend requests from people I don’t know. When looking at the thumbnail, if the photo looks good and attractive, I will click on it to see the big picture before contemplating accepting or rejecting the request. So if human being behaviours are the same all over, then most of us would do the same. Having a good professional headshot improves how good or bad people will see you.

The Out To Lunch Look This image of my soon to be 5 year old son characterises how most headshots either as no personality, absent, no connection or too eager with cheesy smile. This is what we are conditioned to when having a headshot. Confident, friendly and approachable

The image below of my son shows, at Lightbent Images And Photography, I chill you down and beef you up to create a shot that shows your personality as being confident, friendly and approachable.


If you think that you don’t look good, don’t take good picture in general, then I challenge (not guarantee) you to contact me and bring along the best headshot you have (but don’t show it to me) and if you don’t leave my session with the best headshot you ever had, then the session is on me.

I’ll be so pleased to see you take me on this challenge. Waiting for you to get in touch.


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