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Nowadays, most individuals and businesses use online presence to initiate contacts to establish a relationship. As such in order to find someone, they look each other up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other online social media platforms. The first impression they encounter will encourage them to dig further into the words on the page next to or below your photograph to find out more about you. Picture

A7832628s such the picture you publish for your professional opportunities must show a summary of your personality and both business and personal experiences.

You will be surprised, how interesting it is for head hunters or potential employers who may want to know more about you from the impact of your headshot on LinkedIn that they will go even further to look you on Facebook as well. This is why, you should never underestimate how important it is to have your headshot done by a professional headshot photographer for your online profiles.

Without an effective professional headshot, your online profiles are just plain words on a screen or a piece of paper.


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