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Stylised Portrait


For the first time, I am going to show you exactly how I use my minimalistic approach to style an environment for a beautiful portrait using single light source and other studio accessories to create enough light quality to photograph multiple individuals in a group. Even though I have a wide range of the Elinchrom strobes and modifiers, this workshop will get you on the road of minimal gear for awesome results. You don’t need a cargo aircraft full of gear to create beautiful light. However a broad range of know-how and skills  can help you to create and modify light for beautiful images anywhere and everywhere.

A photo cannot be made without light. The quality of the light can make or break your photo. In this workshop I will show you how to create awesome light quality and how tweak the light to create high end, magazine quality images like the sample below.

I will show you how to fiddle with your lighting until you’re comfortable with it while keeping your subject engaged. During the workshop, we will work with model(s) but the framework is to focus on working with non-models and create great images in unlikely locations.

I don’t like teaching lighting setups, I do love showing you how to understand lighting to help you go out there and create awesome images of your own in a make shift studio with minimal equipment if need be.

Perth Actor Corporate Business Professional Headshot


The Workshop

There will be a maximum of 12 participants to ensure that everyone gets a hand-on with each of the sets we will be exploring and enough time for some 1 on 1 moment with me.

The workshop will be conducted at my studio in Gooseberry Hill nested amongst some lovely gum trees or on location on the 5 acre property and an adjacent council land and bridle path weather permitting.

You will leave the workshop with some beautiful images like the ones above and below coupled with a wealth of knowledge on how to create your own awesome photographs.


Perth Actor Corporate Business Professional Headshot


How to book your spot

The workshop fee will be $299 for the day of shooting and picking up some essential portrait lighting tips. The booking is on a first come basis and will be capped exactly at 12 participants. In order to save your spot, just scroll down below or jump over to the ”Pricing & FAQ” page.


Perth Actor Corporate Business Professional Headshot


Location, day and time

Lightbent Images & Photography studio
9 Grange Crescent – Gooseberry Hill.
Sunday 2nd July, 2017

Arrive 10:00AM for 10:30AM start until 6:00PM

There is ample parking space on the property. It is advised that you arrive 30 minutes before to settle in and have your gear ready and meet the other participants.

Weather permitting, we will do a set up outdoors as well somewhere on the property to demonstrate how easy it is to create similar studio looks on location to give you both a studio and location images for your portfolio.


The treat of the day is that I secured the service of one of the hottest, most talented and beautiful models in Perth to be in front of our cameras for the day.

What you will need

Bring any cameras or DSLR that can take photograph in manual mode and as long as they have a hot-shoe and able to shoot RAW files. Make sure you bring a formatted disk for your camera format and a spare just in case of disk error. Please advise of any special requirements you may have whether they be medical or nutritional.


Perth Actor Corporate Business Professional Headshot


Why you should attend this workshop

If you are looking to add more style, finesse and high end finishes to your portrait work then this workshop is for you. This workshop is all about producing sophisticated looks with extremely soft light with a great level of contrast control with minimal gear. This is not a group shoot set up. There will be a lot of one on one shooting time for every participant with the model(s). Each participant will be able to produce a set of portfolio ready images. I will be in tow to assist and give tips and advice with each participant. I will walk you through the lighting setup, equipment to use and provide alternative list of equipment and tools to create the same look and more.


I am a photographer who loves playing with light and not a photography teacher. I love and enjoy sharing what I know with other photographers to take their game to another level.  There will be an opportunity for me to chat with each of you to get a grasp of your strengths to help set you for a great shoot with our model(s) on the day and going forward with your photography.


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What my overseas peers are saying about me

Bruno’s talent took the Headshot Crew and Down Under by storm by becoming our first Associate photographer there. His work speaks for itself and he stepped up to the plate showing off not only his talent, but his ability to encourage others with their own work earning him Mentor status here at Headshot Crew. I couldn’t be happier to have him along for the ride, his thirst for taking SHABANG’in shots is contagious and he sure has this crew catching the bug. 
Peter Hurley – New York – USA –

Bruno is a remarkable photographer, his talent is there for all to see, but it is his flexibility and range that sets him apart. He’s a master with strobes, but take away the strobes and you don’t take away the talent, the ability to see light can never be taken for granted, it’s a skill that serves you well as a photographer and when shooting natural light this ability to read and manipulate to give your client a great portrait is just to admire.
I am lucky to have got to know Bruno over the last few years, he has been a great influence on myself and a great mentor when needed, despite the fact that we live on opposite sides of the globe. Professional, a true gent and the way he works with individuals at making them feel at home is seen in every photo he delivers.
Andy Foster Professional Headshot and Portrait photographer Stockholm, Sweden

When you start working with Bruno, you are immediately taken back by his warmth and eagerness to help. But do not let his gentle demeanor fool you. Once you get into work mode with him, this guy is just out there. Be it during the shoot or even when he is retouching the images. Bruno has a knack of focus not just on the overall image but also on the details. He gets into the minutest details that make his images stand out. His strong understanding of the science behind light whether natural or artificial with absolute hands on experience give him the edge. I have had the pleasure of working with Bruno as Headshot Crew Mentor and Wingam. He has been extremely helpful and does not hesitate to share his own workflow. I have been able to expand my skill set thanks to Bruno. Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach. Thankfully Bruno is the kind who can do both. I highly recommend Bruno for his photography and teaching skills. You are in extremely capable and professional hands.
Rahul Mall, Calcutta, INDIA

Bruno is not only an outstanding photographer which is evident from his portfolio but also an excellent teacher. I got to know Bruno in Peter Hurley’s HeadshotCrew where he became my mentor. With his huge knowledge and experience he helped–and still helps–me to develop my skills and to grow as a photographer. In doing so, he made it possible for me to become one of Peter’s Associate Photographers in a very short time. What I particularly value about Bruno’s teaching is that he helps you to develop an eye for those tiny details which are easily overlooked but make all the difference between a good and a great portrait. And did I mention that he is a really nice guy too. 
Thomas Wieland,  Headshot- and Portrait Photographer, Munich, GERMANY

Bruno is the sort of fellow you come across once in a lifetime. He is a meticulous professional, with a heart of gold. I have watched Bruno work with his clients, listened to him coach those he mentors and have even been on the receiving end of some of his coaching. He is a skilled craftsman, tailoring his lighting, coaching his clients towards amazing expressions, and producing images of the highest quality. Even more impressive is his willingness to coach and mentor less experienced photographers.
Bruno is one of 23 mentors in the Headshot Crew, where he assists to continuously train over 12,000 photographers across the globe. He, unselfishly, contributes his knowledge while passing along a renewed sense of passion and interest, which is rivalled only by his gentle demeanor. I came to know Bruno through our mutual involvement in The Headshot Crew. I am honored to call Bruno a friend, and even more to wholeheartedly recommend him. Whether you are in need of a headshot, a portrait, or assistance in becoming a better photographer, give Bruno a call. You won’t regret it!

Richard Waine Lancaster, Philadelphia USA –

Despite being half way around the world, Bruno has been an invaluable photography mentor to me. I had taken several online and in person lighting classes, but it was with his help that I was able to finally identify what I was doing incorrectly and improve dramatically over a short period of time. He has a great spirit and is always willing to share what he knows. If you have the opportunity to take one of his workshops, don’t hesitate. It will be worth every penny.
Jennifer Ona Los Angeles, CA – USA –

A guy with great sense of humor, real teacher who can explain what is wrong and show how to shoot better. Makes you feel confident like a real pro. 
Semyon Lorberg New York – USA

I have been one of Bruno’s photography students for over 12 months now. During that time he has been the driving force for me to continually broaden my knowledge of lighting, posing and post production techniques.

Bruno’s easy going manner and excellent knowledge of all things photographic has provided me with a solid foundation on my photography journey.
I have no hesitation in recommending Bruno’s workshops to anyone looking to improve their photography skills.
Bob Maloney East Maitland, NSW AUSTRALIA

Bruno has been my mentor for almost two years. He not only convinced me of the value of joining Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew, he then agreed to become my Wingman on the crew. His recognition and advancement to a crew “Mentor” was well deserved. With Bruno’s help, offering his knowledge, experience, time and patience, not only have my headshot skills increased dramatically, but my overall photography and post-processing skills have as well.
If you have the opportunity to learn from Bruno, jump at the chance.
Steven Gotz San Lorenzo, CA – USA


Conditions: Walk-ins on the day will not be allowed participation to the workshops. All persons intending to participate must use the online payment portal to pay, reserve and confirm their spots. Should any person not have access to an online payment facility, please request an invoice that must be paid 2 weeks prior to the workshop to confirm your place. Any cancellation within 48 hours prior to the day of the workshop will cause a forfeiture of the fee paid. Should a cancellation notice be given at least 48 hours prior to the workshop, the fee paid will be credited toward a future workshop or a special arrangement can be made to cover the full workshop in half of the time at time most convenient by both the instructor and the intended participant.

By participating to this workshop, Model(s) and participating Photographer(s) and styling team understand that they are responsible for any damage they may cause to another participant’s equipment or belongings. Lightbent Images & Photography nor the organiser will be held responsible for damage or loss of equipment and belongings.

When booking your spot, follow the prompt and finalise by selecting the next available open time slot on the calendar.

Should you require any further information, please call 0400 090 057 or email

Alternatively, all payments can be made with payer’s name included in the description by EFT to :

Westpac Banking Corporation

Account Name: Bruno Kongawoin
BSB: 736-011
Account Number: 716831


Single look
30 minute session
Up to 15 images ready for web
Make up & hair optional ($150)
1 fully retouched image
Extra image fully retouched optional ($55 per image)
Additional look $95
Unlimited license
Online proofing gallery
Delivered images are cropped square for online profile
Unlimited looks
1.15 hour session
Up to 15 images ready for web
Make up & hair optional ($150)
2 fully retouched images
Extra image fully retouched optional ($55 per image)
Unlimited license
Online proofing gallery
Delivered images are cropped square for online profile