5769816_origWhen is a good time to have a new headshot? Some will say when they are thinking about changing jobs. Thinking this way means that you may be missing out on new opportunities that are knocking on your door. Chances are that they (the head hunters) are looking at your online profile all the time.

So first impression is matters because when someone lands on a good looking headshot in a profile, they might want to find out more about you and continue to look at your profile.

Studies have shown that your professional headshot matters more when it comes to first impression.

People will see you as an interesting person by how proud you are of yourself and how good you look both offline and online. Now there is no reason to think about when you should have a new headshot. This month of August Lightbent Images & Photography is offering both of its sought after cinematic and stylised headshots at a very attractive discounted prices.

Make that investment in your career and future opportunities.

Needless to say that you are always looking your best offline, so why not look your best online all of the time.

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5393532_origLightbent Images & Photography is in a very special class when it comes to creating your headshot. Though we do portrait as well, our specialty is headshot. As the driven engine behind Lightbent, my specialised ability and artful way to bring your personality in the forefront of your session because I am a Protege of the best Headshot Photographer in the world Peter Hurley author of The Art Of Behind The Headshot and Illuminating The Face In order to maintain that specialised ability and continuing acquiring redefined skills and advanced know how in The Art Behind The Headshot, I also have the backing of my mentor and leading Headshot Photographer in the Middle East Frederik Bisbjerg of redHORN Photography. Under the weekly coaching and tutelage of Peter and the constant mentoring of Frederik, I am able to create your headshot using new techniques and make you look to part with the best in the world.


Peter and Frederik commitments to excellence are infusing in my work on a daily basis to give you the best headshot you had ever had. I will make a better version of yourself during your session. You don’t have to think or worry about how I will make a better version of yourself. I got you covered. So


Chances are that you think your portrait can be used as a headshot. However there is a big difference between a portrait and a headshot.

Your professional headshot is about capturing, representing and encapsulating your personality, expression and looks by showing only the shot of your head (Headshot). Any information below your chin is of no value to the viewer.




Earl Cole (Headshot) Your professional or environmental portrait tells more of a story. In the shots below of Ear Cole of Earl Cole Music, the portrait tells you what is going on. Even by wearing the same clothes or outfits, having the same hairstyle, something like a dramatic lighting, expressive posture and poses will transform the image completely.


What is the best way to determine headshot or portrait?

Is the photo only showing the person being themselves and their character? Then most likely it is a headshot. On the flip side, is the image leading you to imagine something and implying emotions? Then you are most likely looking at a portrait. You want that stylish professional headshot for your branding or a portrait to tell your story, I am just an email or a phone call away. Get in touch.

Nowadays, most individuals and businesses use online presence to initiate contacts to establish a relationship. As such in order to find someone, they look each other up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other online social media platforms. The first impression they encounter will encourage them to dig further into the words on the page next to or below your photograph to find out more about you. Picture

A7832628s such the picture you publish for your professional opportunities must show a summary of your personality and both business and personal experiences.

You will be surprised, how interesting it is for head hunters or potential employers who may want to know more about you from the impact of your headshot on LinkedIn that they will go even further to look you on Facebook as well. This is why, you should never underestimate how important it is to have your headshot done by a professional headshot photographer for your online profiles.

Without an effective professional headshot, your online profiles are just plain words on a screen or a piece of paper.