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3071028How do you own your personal branding or your identity. As described by the PsyPhotology (see

Your Identity = Your Truth + Your Appearance x Your Experience

The ownership of your identity or personal brand truly indicates:

  • you are someone very confident and grounded
  • you enjoy being visible
  • you appreciate being in the moment

All of this in photographic term, means that your camera confidence readily spills over into your life and the way you interact with people in all walks of life.

Being a person at ease with yourself and having a positive relationship with your appearance strengthen your sense of self. Because you do not worry about what other people may think of you, you are not preoccupied with your looks, nor you are worried about how others may judge you and you are not wasting your energy worrying about what others think. You would rather focus on the thing that really matters – a quest for authenticity and remaining true to your beliefs.

It’s likely this ‘camera-confidence’ translates to how you behave and relate to others in all walks of life. Your sense of self suggests a person at ease with who you are and who has a positive relationship with their appearance. Because you’re not preoccupied with how you look, or how others may judge you, you’re not one to waste energy worrying about what others may think, instead, you focus on what’s really important – a quest for authenticity and remaining true to your beliefs.

Personally I ‘Own It’! My PQ (Psyphotology Quotient) score indicates I am someone who is confident, grounded and generally happy being in front of a camera. Being photographed is something I may even look forward to. I feel comfortable being visible and appreciate and rather enjoy the way a photo can capture a moment or event across time and place – from the mundane to the monumental – and for better or worse.

Do you ”Own It?”

People who ‘Own It’ are often ‘radiators’- fun to be around, forthright and candid; rather than being ‘drains’. The same holds true for others in your life. Your sense of self-worth means you can be coached or directed by others – you see power in authenticity and strength in vulnerability as it allows you to explore different aspects of who you really are. You trust and are trusted.

So what now?

It’s time to create your own story and living your personal brand. Go to the Psyphotology experience will enable you to find out whether you really do ‘Own It’


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